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Let me show you how to create elegant arrangements for your next special occasion. Doing it yourself enables you to expand your budget, personally express yourself, and create the atmosphere or event of your dreams.

Whether it is for a special event, for your home and family, or for YOU, floral arranging is an artistic expression of your deepest joy and emotions that gets noticed and wins appreciation.

My methods show you step by step how to:
Distinguish between types of flowers and understand their needs and care – narrow down the choices between flowers
Select the right flowers for your event that will convey your emotions and express your vision – stop struggling with multiple ideas
Determine how many arrangements you need for your event – don’t overspend or underestimate
Determine what materials to buy and where to go to get the best deals – easy shopping lists and where to buy guidance for budget planning

Discover tricks of the trade that will have you handling flowers like a pro and creating fabulous flower arrangements without hassles and headaches.

As an extra bonus, I’ll share quick tips such as how you can take those pretty store bought bouquets and turn them into something even more fabulous

Well, you are in luck! You see, I was you, 23 years ago. I have always loved flowers; just about any type of flower. I like planting them, growing them, cutting them and arranging them.

I can remember when I was a young child helping my grandmother plant Lily of the Valley in her backyard. It is super fragrant and delicate and requires shade and a mild climate. I grew up in San Francisco, and the climate seemed to be perfect there for growing this flower, because my grandmother had an abundance of these little gems in bloom in her yard.

Let me show you how to create elegant arrangements for your next special occasion so you can save a ton of money and still have the event of your dreams. I’ll help you gain confidence and eliminate the anxiety and fear that comes over you when you think about creating centerpieces on your own for that special occasion. You’ll find that flower arranging can actually be a stress reducer; a way to get lost in your own creative world..

Let me show you how to create elegant arrangements for your next special occasion

Image10At that time I had no idea that this was a flower that would sell for $50.00 a bunch (about 15 stems) wholesale from the flower market! If you wanted a Lily of the Valley wedding bouquet, you would spend upwards of $600.00 for that bouquet….seriously, I am not making this up. Lily of the Valley are very small flowers, very thin stems, so it takes a lot of them to make a bouquet out of them….here is a picture of Lily of the Valley bouquet….without knowing the stem count, I would estimate this specific bouquet to run closer to $1,200.00 from a florist. Now you may never need to make a Lily of the Valley bouquet, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how to make it perfect for you and your event within your budget?

Find out how you can take those pretty store bought bouquets and turn them into something even more fabulous!

Do you buy bouquets of flowers from your grocery store?

They always look better while they are wrapped. It seems that the minute you take the sleeve off the flowers they just don’t look the same when placed in a vase. Often they just seem to flop… Why is that?


Well, there are some tricks that I can show you to make your grocery store bouquets look so much better in your home. When you learn these tricks you’ll wonder why you never knew these things before. I will show you those tricks when I am making a flower arrangement in a video that you watch. I like video because I am a show me kind of learner. Studies show that the majority of us are show me kind of learners. So, with a video I can guide you by showing you what I am doing…words don’t often convey what a picture can convey…..remember that old saying…a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a video is worth even more than a picture. It’s flower arranging classes by video!

You actually watch everything I do to make a specific flower arrangement. Every detail I is revealed as I talk about what I am doing too, so if you don’t quite get what I am doing while you are watching, a few words will help to clarify the steps for you. And, because I am doing the videos “live” you get to see what happens when I run into a problem and how I work around that problem. I don’t try to hide those things from you because I think some of the best learning comes from those situations! And, yes, even I, still run into problems when arranging flowers.

Learn the secret of getting your flowers to stay exactly where you put them!


But hey, not all flowers are arranged in a vase and not all vases are the same. I will show you many different styles of vases and containers and how to arrange in each style.

This centerpiece contains only 10 flowers (those are Antheriums, they are tropical and come from places like Hawaii, Thailand and South America) with minimal greenery. Conversely, if you took the same 10 stems of Antherium and put them into a vase, they would NEVER look like this arrangement. Learn how to get control over how your arrangements look – I can show you how!

Learn how to choose the right flowers at the right time – using the right flowers will instantly transform your arrangement from just okay to beautiful.

I will always show you how to treat each specific flower type I am using in a flower arranging video. Learn my secrets for choosing flowers in season and for keeping flowers clean, neat and orderly from blooming to wilting.

Discover tricks of the trade that will have you handling flowers like a pro and creating fabulous flower arrangements without hassles and headaches.

When I was about seven years old, my family tells me that I used to go around the corner to the local flower shop and collect the flowers they were throwing away and come home and make bouquets for everyone. I don’t remember doing that, but it doesn’t surprise me, because as long as I can remember I have always loved flowers. I love bringing flowers to friends and family. Over the years I have met a handful of people who don’t like flowers (I know, what is wrong with them!) but by and large, the majority of people like flowers and women generally love flowers.
Having a bouquet of flowers on your desk in the office makes you feel special. Having bouquets of flowers at home, dresses up your home and brings a beauty and sometimes serenity to the room. Depending upon the type of flowers, the color of flowers and the design of the arrangement, you can evoke all kinds of feelings and emotions.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring your friend a birthday floral arrangement that you made?
  • Or how about a congratulations arrangement to celebrate the birth of their new baby?
  • Throwing a baby shower for your best friend? Learn how to create centerpieces for the guest tables that your friends will be talking about for years to come
  • Be the hero at a friend’s event whose florist fails to deliver (amazing huh – but it does happen!).
  • Learn how to arrange flowers with your kids or girlfriends – it’s a wonderful and fun bonding experience – a great alternative to book clubs! Let me (through my videos or webinar), lead a floral arranging activity at your child or friend’s birthday party or event – so much fun to do as a group and what a great gift for your guests to take home!
  • Is your child having a birthday party? Incorporate flowers that will be fun additions for the children as well as the adults.
  • Flowers help build a theme to your event while tantalizing your senses with color, smell, style and texture.

Studies show flowers make people feel good.

Studies have been conducted on what flowers do for people and have proven that flowers make people feel better. They just have a way of uplifting one’s spirit. Bold colors will give you energy, while soft delicate colors are more calming. Use your favorite color and you will be happy every time you look at your arrangement.

Discover the best places to buy flowers so you’re not paying way more than you should.

I tell you where I bought the flowers for each video. I try to buy them from my grocery store or somewhere you will be able to find the same flowers. I also use flowers from my yard when they are in season, so that you too can use flowers from your yard.

There are quite a few places on the internet where you can buy flowers too. BUYER BEWARE though, many of the internet flower markets say they are wholesale, but they are NOT! I wish there was a legal requirement that would make them say they are retail when they are charging retail prices, but to the best of my knowledge there is no such law and nobody is policing them to use the correct terminology.

Are you excited to learn flower arranging?

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With love and gratitude,


Angie Zimmerman

The Flower Diva™

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