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A Little Bit Country–Black Eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susans are a wonderful bright splash of summer color. These vividly yellow flowers with their distinctive dark centers are the state flower of Maryland where they can be found growing along roadsides and in open fields. Actually considered a wild flower, these yellow daisy like flowers can grow up to 2-3 inches wide and have a sturdy stem with oval leaves.

Black Eyed Susans can actually have centers that are red or green in addition to the dark purplish brown one. Also known as Brown Betties, Brown Daisy or Gloriosa Daisy. They are available from July through the end of August. These gorgeous flowers are perfectly at home in almost any setting. Pair them up with some sweet gingham ribbon trim and you’ve got the makings of a perfect country theme centerpiece. Dress them up with richly colored velvety textured trim and they suddenly become something exotic.

Members of the sunflower family, they have a fabulous vase life in prime conditions they can last up to 10 days. This makes them perfect for an arrangement to be used as a gift so that your recepient will get to enjoy their beauty for a long time. Because of their sturdy stems, they work well in any arrangement style and will provide support for other flowers around them. They are native to the United States and grow east of the Rockies.

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