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A Little Common “Scents”

This time of year conjures up all sorts of wonderful thoughts and when you stop to think about it, nearly all of them are associated with a particular scent.  Fragrant cookies baking in the oven, the heavy clean scent of pine needles, the rich aroma of cinnamon.  And if you are creating your own holiday centerpieces, making sure that you don’t have clashing scents needs to be at the top of your list.   Even the warm, comforting smell of wood burning in the fireplace could overshadow the effect you are looking for when creating your holiday centerpieces.

Matching scents when creating floral arrangements is always a very important part of the initial creation. But it becomes more so during the holiday season when there are so many other fragrances in our homes. Some of the more delicately scented blooms could easily be overwhelmed, especially if you are using holiday greens in your arrangements. Choosing flowers with a more potent aroma could create a clash that might ruin the entire effect you are hoping to create because our sense of smell will beat out any visual appeal hands down.

If you are planning on using fresh cut evergreens of any kind as your greenery, keep in mind that the pine scent will overshadow most floral aromas, with the possible exception of some varieties of roses. However, if you don’t particular want to be overwhelmed with evergreen aromas or a member of your family is allergic to pine trees, consider some of the other options available during the holiday season. Holly and ivy make fabulous choices for and they have no scent.

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