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A Tisket, A Tasket, Support Your Floral Basket

Looking for the best way to create a centerpiece in a basket? Try using chicken wire to support your flowers. Not only is it great for creating supports for your soft stemmed flowers; it is also great for helping to support floral arrangements created in baskets.

You’ll need to use a long narrow strip of small gauge chicken wire for each basket arrangement. Fold this into thirds so that the wire overlaps, creating a lot of small openings. Then wrap this around the basket. Take the container that you are going to use for water and pierce two holes through the top. Place it into the basket and run a piece of wire through the holes and attach it to the sides of the basket for support.

Arrange your flowers in the basket. Then using the chicken wire frame, insert your foliage into the wire. You will need to remember to mist the foliage often as it will not have any other water source.

This is also a great tool for heavy or bulky stemmed flowers and foliage, it works as an anchor along with floral foam to support your arrangement so that the weight of the stems do not stress the foam and cause your arrangement to sag.

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