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Add a little sparkle to your arrangements

One of the nicest things about using clear glass vases is that it gives you the opportunity to add some great touches to your arrangement. Whether you are planning to use a bubble bowl like I talked about earlier this week or are planning to use a tall stately glass vase, there are literally hundreds of different things you can use to help secure your flower stems into place and create an added splash of color.

River rocks are very popular. Available in a wide variety of earth tones, these polished stones work very well with almost any type of vase you are planning to use. Readily available in every craft store and department store with a silk flower section, river rocks come in three general sizes, small, medium and large. River rocks also work well to help secure your arrangements into place.

Glass and acrylic beads are also a very popular way to add color and pizazz to your arrangements. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Like river rock, glass beads and shapes depending on their size will also help support your arrangement in the bottom of the vase. Most acrylic beads are usually added for splashes of color. Their lighter weight will not always support heaver stemmed flowers so they’re used more for their decorative appearance that as additional flower support.    Acrylic and glass beads are also available in a variety of gem shapes, which make them just perfect for a wedding reception or romantic dinner at home.

Shells, marbles, wood slices, just about anything you can think of can be used to create a unique setting for your arrangements. I have actually even used broken windshield glass with spectacular results.

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