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And the Crowning Touches to your Tree–The Ornaments

And now it’s time to add the crowning glory to your Christmas tree, the ornaments.

When you are ready to start adding the decorations, turn the lights out.  This eliminates distraction and allows for a more balanced distribution of the decorations.  Place the topper on first, next add any fabric, ribbon, vines, permanent foliages, bead or tinsel garlands.

The next step is to add the ornaments.  Follow a plan.  Visualize the tree as a group of triangles, and decorate each triangular area evenly.  Make sure ornament placement and color distribution is balanced.  Place large or important ornaments on the tree first, in prominent focal areas.  Then place supporting ornaments that may be smaller and less important.  Finally, finish with filler materials such as small sprays or permanent, dried or preserved flowers.

Check your work!  Plug the lights back on and look at the tree from a distance.  Make any adjustments and fill in any holes.  Tape down electric cords, arrange the tree skirting, scatter packages under the tree.

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