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Arranging Tips – Vase Life

With Valentine’s Day coming up on us fast, I wanted to offer out some Vase life tips for everybody who is planning to create something special for a loved one this. Because even before you cut that first stem and start working on your arrangement, you need to think about vase life.

When creating a floral arrangement, you need to make sure that you use flowers that have a similar ‘Vase life’ so that you don’t have uneven aging in your arrangement.

Carnations and Chrysanthemums have a vase life of between one and 2 weeks. Lisianthus also have a good vase life, between 7 and 10 days. One of the greens that you could couple these with would be Bells of Ireland which also last between 7-10 days.

Iris however tend to be short lived, only 3-5 days of vase life. They usually arrive in tight buds and quickly open. Combining them with lilies or tulips will give you a good balanced arrangement. Make sure that the vase stays full and bacteria free. Amemone is another short vase life flower, generally lasting vrom 3-5 days. These lovely delicate flowers should be handled very carefully when being recut.

Some flowers, such as Callas, Alstroemeria and Dasies are particulary thirst flowers so the you will need to make sure to keep the water levels in these vases high at all times.

And all cut flowers will do well with floral food which maintains the beauty of the arrangements and can sometimes help add an extra day or so to some of the more short vase life flowers. Floral food is just one of the many products I will be offering for sale here at Flower Arranging 101 in just a few short weeks. So check back often as we expand our product line to provide you with all the tools you could possible need to create the lovely arrangements I am sharing with you here.

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