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Arranging Tips–Water Beads

water beads for flower arrangingWater beads are one of the neatest accessories I’ve found to use when creating my flower arrangements. They are create a stunning appearance in clear glass vases and are the perfect compliment to any arrangement. I’ve used them in a number of my videos and they look wonderful when combined with floral lights.

Water beads are actually a polymer that is super water absorbent. Available in a wide range of colors including clear, they can actually hold up to 100 times their size in water which makes them a great way to keep your arrangements supplied with fresh water. Before using, they are extremely light weight and appear to be little rocks or crystals. Once they are added to water, they expand and take on the appearance of colored beads. Water beads provide an excellent vase support system for your arrangements.

And best of all, they are reusable. Once they dry out, you can rehydrate them for use in other arrangements. Always make sure to look for water beads that are colorfast to avoid the possibility of accidentally staining tablecloths, counters, grout, etc., if the vase or container get knocked over. Colorfast beads will also prevent white flowers from tinting as they will not leech color into the water supply.

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