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Balancing Act

We’ve all been here.  You’ve just created a gorgeous arrangement, taken your time, bought the perfect flowers, cut your stems, put everything in place the way you imagined it.  You take a step back to admire your handwork and it happens, there is just no zing.  The arrangement you saw so perfectly in your mind’s eye just doesn’t have the pop you were looking for.

But before you toss in the shears and walk away, let me give you a simple quick fix that will help put that sparkle into your arrangement.   Most of the time this happens because the overall arrangement is too light or too dark.   Adding in a little contrast to your arrangement will help to balance the colors you’ve chosen.  For arrangements that appear too dark, try adding some white flowers.  Right away the arrangement will brighten up and the white flowers will add great contrast, making your darker blossoms stand out the way you had imagined they would.

If your arrangement feels too light or washed out to you, add some dark purple.  Dark purple booms help add the needed contrast in an arrangement that is too light.  They give that added contrast and frame out the lighter blooms to create that much needed focal point.

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