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Calla Lily Care and Preparation Tips

Last time I talked to you about Calla Lilies and their colors and sizes.  Now I would like to share with you some tips on how to prepare your Calla Lilies for whatever arrangement you plan to create with them.
It is best to purchase callas at the stage of openness that you desire, because these flowers generally don’t open significantly after they are cut.  A trick to get a tight calla open further is to stuff cotton inside the flower around the spadix.  Some wholesalers will sell the callas at different cut points, meaning how much they are opened.  Make sure when you buy callas that the spathes (the colored petal that makes up the calla) are firm and free of spots, blemishes, bruises, splits and brown tips and that the spadices are visible.

As with ALL flowers, as soon as you get them you should give them a sharp cut of about 1 inch off the bottom of the stem, place into a clean bucket/vase of lukewarm water and make sure to add flower-food to the water.  Note: don’t fill the vase or bucket with water, allow about 2-4 inches of water in the bucket/vase for callas.  Callas are heavy drinkers, so add water and flower food daily and recut the stems every two days.

Callas do a funny thing I can’t explain, and that is that the stem ends sometimes will curl and/or split.  Because of this, if you are making a bridal bouquet a couple of days ahead of time, leave a little extra stem length and plan to cut about an inch off the day you need the bouquet.

Callas need refrigeration, ideally at 33-35 F degrees.  If properly handled your callas should last for 4-8 days.  If your calla stems arrive a little limp, they will revive after you’ve given them a fresh cut and let them sit in lukewarm water.  If the stems are curved and you need them to be straight, wrap newpaper around them and put them upright in a bucket of water and they will straighten up for you.

I love Calla Lilies, you can create so many incredible arrangements and bouquets with them.  I’ve made quite a number of videos using Callas that are available right here for purchase or can be viewed in the members area at any time.

3 Responses to Calla Lily Care and Preparation Tips

  • Awesome, that’s definitely what I was hunting for! This article just spared me alot of looking around

    I’ll make certain to put this in good use! Linked for the awesome information

  • Caroline says:

    Please let me know how to help the Calla lilies open? I am working on a wedding bouquet and am wondering how to make it work? They came in bulk curled tightly shut. Thank you..

  • Angie says:

    Hi Caroline, I’m sorry I am just seeing your post…besides what is already in the blog post, I really don’t have any suggestions for you to get the callas to open…it is best to buy them opened the way you need them. For special occasions, if this is the flower of choice, make sure when you are placing your order that you tell the wholesaler you want them cut open. In some circles they use numbers, so just make sure and state that you want them to be opened, that way they will cut them in the open stage.

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