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Centerpiece Fun–Using Pumpkins As A Centerpiece Vase

I just love decorating for the holidays and this time of year is just full of rich colors and textures and with so many choices on how to create fabulous tablescapes for your holiday parties.

One of my favorite things to do with arrangements this time of year is to incorporate the use of gourds and pumpkins into centerpieces. I’ve done a whole series of videos on decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving and a couple of those use actual pumpkins to hold the flowers.

Pumpkins need to be prepped in order to use them as a vase and that first step is to hollow out the pumpkin itself. One of the best things to use to make the opening and insure that it is large enough to hold your arrangement is to use a linoleum cutting tool that can be found at any arts and crafts store. This type of tool will easily cut through the tough shell of the pumpkin and allow you to make the hole large and even. Because you will be using the pumpkin as a shell for your vase, you’ll need to make sure to cut the opening just up to the crown of the top. This way, it will not only be easier to hollow out, but provide ample support for your arrangement. You’ll need to secure your vase to the bottom of your pumpkin to make sure that it does not tip or wobble after filled with water and your arrangement.

Coating the opening with Vaseline will actually help to extend the life of the pumpkin by preventing air from getting into the opening and will cut down the chances that the pumpkin’s own scent will interfere with your arrangement.

Some of the videos we have available that will show you just how to do this are on our products page and available for purchase for just $4.95

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