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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

It’s that time of year again, decorating for the Holidays.  And I would like to share with you tips and tricks for decorating your Christmas Tree.

Whether you are using a fresh tree or an artificial tree, the tips below will apply.  If there are any distinctions, I will make them within the tip itself.

It is important to start with a THEME.  Themes can be ethnic (Hawaiian), colors (like blue and silver or red and green or purple and gold), eclectic (a mixture of color coordinated items where all elements go together), playful, object oriented like stars or fairies, patriotic….you get the idea, right?  All elements including the ribbon, ornaments and colors should help develop the overall theme.

If you are using an artificial tree, get it in shape before you start putting it together.  I call it fluffy the tree.  But the idea is to pull, form and shape the branches until they look like a REAL tree branch.  Start with the lower branches and work your way up.  Then shape the tips so they look as natural as possible.  Obviously, when you are using a real tree, what you see is what you get.

Stabilize the tree.  Whether it is real or artificial, you don’t want the tree leaning or falling.  In some of the hotels I have decorated, they actually had their maintenance department create plywood bases that the trees were attached to and the bases had wheels so the trees could be moved around the ballrooms as needed.  You probably don’t need to do that in your home, but in case you do, it’s a great idea. If your tree is over 12 feet tall, you really should use guide wires high in the tree, attached high on the trunk of the tree and extending to a wall or ceiling.

If your tree trunk is a little bare, use an artificial garland and wrap it around the trunk to cover up the bareness and make the tree look fuller.

I’ll have more tips and and ideas for you next time!

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