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Customize Your Centerpiece With Photos

Hi There,

This weeks flower arranging video shows you how to incorporate photos in the centerpiece to really customize the occasion.  I show you how to do this in the video, but I also tell you in the video that I will provide more information about how to measure the photos here in the blog.  So here are the additional, detailed instructions about how to size the photos for your centerpiece.

Step 1:
Choose photos you want to use…they can include childhood photos, family photos, pet photos, tie the photos into whatever the occasion is you are making the centerpieces for. 
Step 2:
Buy your vases.  A square vase works best for this because it adds dimension and interest as opposed to the smooth finish of a photo pressed against a rounded glass vase.
Step 3:
Using a piece of paper, measure the length needed to create the desired tension from opposite corners of the square vase.  On the same piece of paper, measure the height of the containers base to its lip.  Subtract ½ inch from the width and height measurements to obtain the finished photo size.
Step 4:
Get the photos laminated.  Make sure the laminate trim extends ¼ inch around the entire photo.  A Kinko’s or similar type store will be able to laminate your photos for you.

Step 5:
Curve the laminate photo and place inside the vase.  You will need two photos per vase.

Follow the rest of the steps in the video.


3 Responses to Customize Your Centerpiece With Photos

  • Cecile Yap says:

    Hi I think Photos is good for my mom’s Birthday! Do you just stick it on any side of the vase with the flowers? Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Angie says:

    Hi Cecile, Yes and NO, mostly NO….find my blog post about this arrangement and read it….I give the instructions for how to measure the photos and the vase and what size to laminate finished photo to for the vase.

  • Maralynn says:

    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for conrtuitbing.

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