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Decisions, Decisions: So Many Wonderful Choices

There are just so many different types of greenery to add to your flower arrangements. Last time I talked about general rules of thumb to follow, picking sizes and colors to compliment your flowers. Now I’d like to share with you some of the different kinds of greenery that you can use.

Magnolia leaves are wonderful for larger flowers. These thick dark green glossy leaves add great body to your arrangement and make a perfect picture frame for your flowers.

Ivy is often used in bridal bouquets, especially cascade bouquets because it not only adds great color, but adds great visual appeal. Ivy is available in a variety of sizes.

Eucalyptus is a very popular choice for greenery. There are so many different varieties and color options. It also has a lovely aroma of it’s own.

Lambs Ear is a soft leaf that makes a wonderful filler. The velvety green leaves go with so many different flowers.

Ferns bring a dainty touch to your arrangement. They have a very good vase life which makes them extremely popular, especially when combined with roses. And there is such a wide variety you are sure to find the perfect match for your arrangement no matter what color your flowers are.

I also love using decorative branches in arrangements in place of greenery. Manzanita and curly willow make a wonderful addition to a larger arrangement. Ti leaves also are great for larger arrangements and I’ve used them in several of the videos here on the site. Their large glossy leaves range from 4-6 inches in width and can be up to 32 inches long. They have a vase life of close to 2 weeks.

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