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Decorating with Greenery–Time Honored Traditions

This time of year more than any other, greenery takes the forefront when decorating. Using evergreens at this time of year dates back centuries. They’ve always thought to represent everlasting life, along with hope for spring to return.

The southern United States has been decorating with evergreens starting from the earliest colonial settlements. This tradition did not hit the northern states until the early 1800’s. Back then it was the churches that received most of the benefit of holiday greening. Garlands of holly, mountain laurels, ivy and even mistletoe would be created and hung from just about any place they could be in the local churches. Herbs and pedals were then often added as well, adding the scent of lavender, rosemary, bay and even roses. Homes were decorated more simply, just some boughs and holly, mostly around the windows.

Today, decorating your home with a wide selection of fragrant greenery is more popular than ever. From the fresh evergreen wreaths created for our doors to gorgeous table garlands, making use of ivy, holly, cedar and a host of different evergreens makes our homes smell warm and rich. And as most greenery has a long vase life, there’s no need to wait until just before Christmas to decorate. You can enjoy those wonderful scents that mean Christmas to so many of us just as soon as the calendar rolls around to December.

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