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Eco Friendly Centerpiece Ideas

Okay, admit it….when you think of organic flowers do you think of weeds?  I do!  Many of the flowers that are grown organically are not the type of flowers you would typically use for centerpieces.  But, with some careful planning, they can be.  I recently visited an organic farm near me.  To my surprise they had sweetpeas growing wild (and organically) all over their property.  They also had delphinium, roses, irises and sunflowers growing organically.  They showed me mint, fever few, echinacea and lavender; and incorporated into a bouquet look very nice together.  I purchased a couple of their medicinal bouquets, which included the herbal components mentioned above and made a bouquet for someone in the hospital.  I was greeted by three employees at the front desk who couldn’t stop asking me about this bouquet.  Yes, they noticed it had mint in it and couldn’t get over how nice it looked and smelled! The bottom line here is it is very possible to have organic centerpieces that look elegant and you will be proud to display.


One element of using organics that you should be aware of is that you can’t always count on something to be available.  Organic farming is more sensitive to pests and weather.  So if an unforseen pest attacks the crop, you may not be able to get the flowers you were anticipating.  They also tend to be a little more expensive than non-organic flowers.  Always have a plan B!

Look for more tips and suggestions on eco friendly floral arrangement ideas next time!

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