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Exotic Blooms – Bird of Paradise

This beautiful flower adds an exotic touch to any summer flower arrangement, making it a favorite with designers.  Also known as the Crane Flower, the Bird of Paradise actually appears to be a brilliantly colored bird in flight.  The flower symbolizes joy and paradise and is actually the 9th wedding anniversary flower.  It is related to the banana plant and the foliage does not drop off the plant so it makes a great outdoor landscaping plant as well as being used in flower arrangements.

The foliage resembles little banana leaves.  The rich glossy green color of these leaves forms the perfect frame for the blooms.  Leaf blades average about 6 inches across and can be up to 18 inches tall.  The plant itself averages about 4 feet tall.

The Orange Bird of Paradise include a bright blue, sunny orange and bright yellow.  These are formed inside of bracts that hold 2 or more of the actual blossom.  The bracts which form canoe like structures can be green, purple or even red.  The White Bird of Paradise is larger, growing up to 18 feet tall.  The flower is basically white, but has a light blue tongue and the bract is usually purple.  The Giant Bird of Paradise can reach 30 feet tall with a trunk up to 20 feet wide.  The flowers of this variety are also white with a bluish tongue, but the bracts that it sits in are reddish in color.

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