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Featured Flower-Dahlias

The Dahila is one of the most versatile flowers around.  Considered the national flower of Mexico, this amazing flower comes in 6 different sizes and 11 different bloom categories.  Ranging from Giant which are more than 10 inches in diameter to the very dainty Mignon which is less than 2 inches across, the Dahlia is also available in Miniature 2-4 inches wide, Small, 4-6 inches in diameter, Medium which are 6-8 inches and Large which measure 8-10 inches across. The 11 bloom categories include, Decorative, Cactus, Fimbriated, Ball, Waterlily, Anemone, Collarette, Orchid, Peony, Single, and Novelty.  Their petals can be spiky, wispy, round, thin or at least another half a dozen varieties.  Petal colors can be one solid color to a mixture of up to three different colors. I’ve used Dahlias in a number of the videos offered here at  Make sure to check out our products page to find an arrangement that best suits you!

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