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Featured Flower – Daisies

The daisy, a sweet wonderful flower that is known for it’s brilliant colors.  This lovely little flower is the symbol of loyalty and pure intentions.    Did you that daisies are among the oldest known flower in the world and the plants in the species Daisies belong to make up nearly 10% of all flowering plants on Earth?  Daisies originated in northern Europe and by the 1600’s they were available all through out Europe and even in the Americas.

The name Daisy is a contraction of the phrase Day’s Eye originating in England and referring to the fact that this little flower closes at night and opens during the day.   And they are actually the combination of two flowers, the center or disk floret is one and the petals are actually another flower. Daisies are almost always white or off white with a yellow center, although some varieties can have slightly pink petals.   Yellow and purple petal daisies can be cultivated but do not occur naturally.   The stems are smooth and leafless with leaves down towards the bottom of the plant.  Leaf textures vary from smooth to hairy.


They have a great vase life and work well in almost any type of arrangement you can think of.  The star shaped daisy puts a bright spot into any arrangement you place it in.  Its white color makes it an excellent filler flower.  Daisies coordinate with almost any other flower and can be used in almost any style of arranging, from a simple woven country basket to the most formal of bridal bouquets.

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