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Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks–Picking the Perfect Vase

Whether it is your grandmother’s most prized porcelain vase or that cute little teapot you picked up at a flea market, just about anything can be used to hold a flower arrangement.  And sometimes, it is more about the vase than the flowers inside.  I have several wonderful antique vases that I love to use when creating flower arrangements.   And creating a special floral arrangement for somebody as a gift using something that they collect or treasure as the vase makes that gift just so much more special.

I want to share with you a couple of tips and tricks about arranging whether you are choosing the flowers around the vase, or trying to figure out what is the best vase to use for those gorgeous long stemmed Iris that you’ve gathered up out of your yard.

The best way to determine vase size is to make sure that it is to scale with the flowers that you are planning to use.  For instance the vase to the left is a tall vase with a fairly standard sized opening.  It would be perfect for long stemmed roses, Iris, Calla Lilies, but might not work well with flower such as snap dragons or gladiolas.  Because even though they have long stems, flowers  of those types have blossoms that run down the length of the stem and you would have to sacrifice some of them in order for the combination to work .  Using a flared opening vase would probably suit them better.

A good rule to keep in mind is to make sure that your arrangement is never more that 2.5 times the height and width of your vase.  Any smaller and the arrangement will be dwarfed by the vase size and the flowers will not lay right, creating an awkward looking arrangement.  And any larger than than and you risk having the arrangement not only overpower the setting you placed it in, but risk having it topple over.

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