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Flower Arranging Tips – Changing the Water

Hi There,

I’m often asked how often someone should change the water in a vase arrangement.  The answer is every day!  At a minimum, change the water every other day.  If you really want to make sure your flowers last, give them a fresh cut at the same time you change the water.

If you have a floral arrangement in floral foam, you don’t change the water, instead you add water.  Depending upon the temperature conditions where you are, you may need to add water every day.  The goal is to keep the floral foam saturated because that is what is delivering the water source to the flower.

Flowers need water like we need air!

3 Responses to Flower Arranging Tips – Changing the Water

  • Cecile Yap says:

    Hi thanks for the information in watering flower arrangements. But how long will a flower last it’s freshness, because sometimes I send flowers to my mom living in a distance for an hour trip by Airplane? thank you!

  • Angie says:

    Are you telling me that the flowers don’t have a water source when they are being flown by airplane? What part of the country are you in? What is the temperature where the flowers are being flown from and to? Are the flowers being transporting in the cabin of the plane or underneath with the luggage? All of these answers will help me to answer your question. And, drum roll please…the biggest question I have is what type of flowers are being flown to your mom?

  • Angie says:

    That depends, but generally NO they do not! Orchids and hydrangea often have a water tube or plastic wrap holding water to the stem end, but other than that, I have never received flowers from South American in a water source. REALLY!!!

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