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Flowers of Autumn–The Chrysanthemum

One of the first flowers of fall to burst into color is the Chrysanthemum or Mum as it is commonly known.   The Mum with 13 different bloom types divided into two different style categories is so versatile you will be able to incorporate this traditional fall flower into almost any arrangement you create for the season.

Mums have a wide range of colors, including white and off-white, yellows ranging from a bright sunny color to gold to a dark bronze.  Reds run from pink all the way to burgundy.  And there are even lavender and purple mums.  The most popular mum of all is the “Decorative”.  This is the flower that we all immediately think of when it comes to Mums.  A heavily packed flower with long broad petals.  The center disk is almost completely hidden amid the thick petals.

Like several of the other flowers I have talked about lately, the Mum is also made up of small individual flowers or florets and a disk flower.   Floret and disk flower arrangements determines what bloom category a mum falls in.  The blooms can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons.   Pompons are a double bloom variety, smaller than the decorative Mum and almost globe shaped.

Chrysanthemums are associated with a number of sentiments, which makes them a popular flower to give or put into an arrangement.  For instance, red mums convey love.  White mums symbolize loyal love and truth and yellow mums are often taken to mean slighted love.





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