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Flowers of March–the Daffodil

Also known as the Jonquil or Narcissus, Nothing says spring quite like a sea of Daffodils with their gorgeous sunny yellows and pearly whites. These very popular flowers just seem to bring light into any room you place them in and do so much to cast out the gray gloom we all associate with winter. In the language of flowers, this sweet bloom means Friendship and Domestic Happiness.

Daffodils have a trumpet shaped inner bud that is surrounded by a star shaped outer flower.

The trumpet is often in a contrasting color from the star shaped background. The traditional Daffodil that first comes to mind is all yellow, but there so also so many different combinations available. Yellow and white, yellow and orange and white and orange. There are even pink and lime green Daffodils.

They are always one of the first buds of Spring to arrive and often bloom in clusters. There are at least 50 species of Daffodils and nearly 130,000 hybrids of those species available making they extremely easy to combine into just about any arrangement you could dream up. Daffodils come in all sizes, from 2 foot long stems with 5 inch radius blooms to the tiny half inch flower on a 2 inch stem.

They are perfect for almost any style of centerpiece or floral decoration you can think of, from a casual display in a mason jar on your back porch breakfast table to a formal centerpiece at your spring wedding reception. Create something special with some Daffodils today and welcome Spring back into your home!

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