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Fun with Centerpieces

Floral centerpiece with chili peppersOne of the best parts about creating centerpieces is finding that extra little surprise to add to the design to make it totally unique.

I have used fruits and vegetables in my centerpieces for years. I love incorporating artichokes, lemons, limes, grapes, eggplant or oranges. It adds so much fun to a centerpiece because it is unexpected and therefore causes the brain to react with curiosity and appreciation. I always say, your centerpieces create the ambiance at your event, you spend the bulk of your time, so be creative and spend the bulk of your flower budget on the centerpieces! Besides incorporating fruits and vegetables into the centerpieces, you can also use them outside/around the centerpieces. I have hallowed out an opening in apples and citrus fruits to hold a votive candle, which again is a fun and unexpected element to your centerpieces. The most popular use of fruit in centerpieces is probably using them to fill a vase with the flowers sitting on top of the vase.

The lovely arrangement to the left is an example of incorporating orange chili peppers into the floral designs.

Below is an example incorporating pumpkins and gourds into the design.  This particular centerpiece also incorporated pomegranates and red chili peppers with the mini pumpkins as accents around the centerpiece.  You can see off to the left on the ground some carved pumpkins that held candles for spooky lights when the sun went down.

This is also a great time of year to use terra cotta pots because the color is so perfect.  I used aged terra cotta pots (they have kind of a patina shading to them) and small pumpkins around the actual centerpiece….really fun way to bring in the season.

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