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Glorious Gardenias

I just love the smell of fresh gardenias. I’ve brought in my first 2 flowers of the season and right now my house smells just heavenly. The Gardenia is the perfect choice if you are looking for a incredibly fragrant flower. Often associated with love and romance, Gardenias are traditionally used in corsages, Gardenias can be used in other ways as well. Down in Florida for instance, you will often see them floating in shallow bowls inside.

The blossoms are just beautiful, either a clear white or cream colored, they almost look like porcelain. Gardenias are available in either a single or double bloom. With their deep green glossy leaves, they leave a lasting impression in whatever arrangement you use them in.

They originated in tropical areas of South Asia and Africa, but are actually named for Alexander Garden, a Charleston, South Carolina. One variety of the Gardenia, know as Cape Jasmine can reach a height of 6 feet or more. Another variety, Augustus Beauty can produce its lovely 2-3 inch diameter double blooms for up to three months. Veitchi, which is often considered a florist’s Gardenia is generally grown in hot houses and products pure white blooms. One of the largest varieties, commonly known as the Star Gardenia can grow up to 10 feet tall and has incredible 4 inch diameter single blossoms.

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