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Have you seen our updated Products?

Flower Arranging 101 Products line has expanded!  I am just so excited to be able to offer you the ability to purchase more than just my videos.  For those of you who have watched or purchased our videos, you know that there is more to flower arranging than just the flowers and a vase.  I know that it’s very hard to find all the items I use on the retail market.  And if you can, they are usually rather expensive.  But now Flower Arranging 101 is able to offer you the chance to purchase these items at a great price so that you can have the chance to re-create the arrangements with all the lovely accessories.

Flower Arranging 101 is now offering you the opportunity to purchase vases, a wide variety of floral accessories including water beads, pins and picks, crystals and even rhinestone ribbons.  Some of the other things you can now purchase include mirrors for placing vases on, floral lights as seen in a number of my flower arrangements videos like my Sleek and Modern Lighted Cylinder Arrangement.

And very shortly, we will also be offering you the opportunity to buy flowers direct, online and have them delivered right to your home!  So keep checking back, there is a lot more to come.

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