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Hawaiian Crotons

So while I have been here in Maui I have been visiting flower farms and making videos for future dates.  It is super popular here to use foliage that grows naturally here like the ti leaves and croton.  I used croton in at least two of the flower arranging videos I make for you.  I have taken pictures of some of the croton plants surrounding the pool at the Kaanapali Resort I am staying at right now.  There are three different varieties, all with different shaped leaves, but similar color patterns.

I’m fairly sure you will recognize these as house plants in most areas, not shrubs and border plants like they are used here in Hawaii and Florida.  It takes a pretty mild climate for these to grow outdoors like this.  There are lots of other plants that I would recognize as house plants that are growing in the “wild” so to speak here in Hawaii and they all look like they are on steroids!  Enjoy the pictures.

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