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Holiday Flowers – The Poinsettia

Nothing says Christmas quite like the gorgeous poinsettia plant. It’s velvety flowers can range in color from the snowy white to the deepest burgundy. Did you know that poinsettias account for nearly 90 percent of all potted plants sold at Christmas time? They are, upwards of 60 million plants are sold during the holiday season. This lovely plant is also one of of the most popular gifts given by businesses during the holiday season.

Commercially grown in all 50 states, with California being the top producer. In fact 80 percent of all the poinsettias grown nationwide come from one ranch in California. Poinsettias were introduced into the United States by Joel Poinsett in 1825 and there are 100 varieties available. Left to their own devices, poinsettias can grow up to ten feet tall. Like so many other flowers, their bloom is actually made up of bracts. Poinsettias are priced by the number of blooms on the plant, the more blooms, the more expensive they are. Some of the more popular varieties are besides the standard red, pink, and white, are the monet, which has variegated red blooms, and the marble which has cream colored blooms. Two other popular varieties include the candy cane which has pink and white blooms and the jingle bell which has glossy red blooms with white accents.

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