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In The Pink–The Peony

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I just love big pink beautiful flowers with their delicate scent. And I was so excited today when I stepped out into my garden and found my very first Peony of 2012 had bloomed.

Technically, there are 33 species of peony, but only two are commonly grown for cut flowers. They are also grown in a variety of colors including various shades of pink, purple, red, salmon, apricot, white, ivory/cream, yellow and bi-colors. The most common colors available are the various shades of pink and white. I have NEVER seen a purple peony. The flower forms include single, double, semidouble, Japanese (single with large yellow centers) and anemone (single with powder-puff centers). The double flower variety is the most common as cut flowers in the United States.

Peony are grown around the world and are typically available from April through August, with peak season hitting around April, May and June. Most white varieties bloom early in the season.

Peony require the typical processing, meaning when they arrive, give them a fresh cut, dip in hydrating solution and allow to sit for at least two hours before arranging with them. It is best to buy peony when they are puffy, not open yet. Watch out for overly tight buds, they probably won’t open for you.

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