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January Blooms – The Carnation

Who doesn’t love the sweet and fragrant Carnation.  One of the most recognized flowers in the world, the carnation actually beats out the Rose in popularity.  It’s light sweet fragrance and durability as well as great vase life,  make it a perfect choice when creating arrangements as a gift.   Carnations can last up to 21 days under the right conditions and the blooms are sturdy and well packed so they will hold their shape in almost style of arrangement you want to create.

One of the oldest cultivated flowers, Carnations come in two varieties. The standard Carnations are a single flower head on one stem. The flower heads can be as big as three inch diameters. The other type of carnation is a mini carnation. Mini carnations have multiple flower heads on each stem. The flower head size on a mini carnation is about one inch in diameter.

One of the best things about carnations is the incredible assortment of colors they come in, starting with white and working through yellow, orange, pink, red, burgundy, lavender, purple, fuscia, and many bi-colors or striped variety, two colors in one flowers. They are soft tender flowers and are considered as symbol of love and fascination.  Carnations are the January Flower of the Month.  They are also the flower of choice of several fraternities and sororities.  With so many varieties in colors, the Carnation has many different meanings, from the white carnation that means innocence and purity to the dark red that means deep love and admiration.

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