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Late Summer Flowers – Cockscomb

Cockscomb, also called Brain Flowers,  Feathery Amaranth or Wool Flowers bloom from late summer through the fall.  There are about 60 species of Cockscomb and they differ quite widely in appearance.  The variety to the left has long feathery like flowers and the variety below is actually shaped like a brain.

Cockscomb has a long stiff stem and bloom in vibrant yellows, ,reds, golds and pinks.  They can grow up to 30 inches tall and the dwarf version reaches about a foot in height.  This plant is frequently used in parks and other large scale planting areas such as roadsides because it requires little attention.  They are also commonly found in China and other areas as an ornamental flower in gardens.

Cockscomb is an excellent addition to any floral arrangement.  It not only has a great vase life, lasting anywhere from 5 – 14 days, but it also has no scent.  So it can be used almost as a filler flower and will not detract from stronger scented flowers.  Cockscomb also makes an excellent dried flower choice, holding it’s shape and color through the drying process.

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