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Monday, Monday

Over the couple of years, I’ve been sharing with you lots of tips about putting your flower arrangements together, how to chose the right vase, getting your flowers ready to be arranged and we’ve also talked about the greenery for your arrangement. All of the important things to know as you prepare to create something gorgeous with flowers. Today, I’d like to share some tips with you about what are the best times to buy your flowers and why.

Most people would expect that Monday would be the best day to buy flowers. After all, it is the first of the week, everything should be fresh, right? Wrong. Monday is actually the worst day to get your flowers, even here at the San Francisco flower market. Anything that you would buy on Monday is either left over from the previous week or it arrived over the weekend and has sat without refrigeration waiting for markets to open. Even just a day without being kept in a cool environment will cause flowers to age faster and lose vase life.

The best day of the week to buy flowers is actually Wednesday. By then everything will have arrived from the wholesalers. Anything left over from the end of the previous week will be gone and this will give you the best chance to find the exact flowers you are looking for.

But remember, no matter what day you buy your flowers, always make sure to ask the vendor about freshness.

10/29/13 NOTE: I saw a very heated discussion among florists this past week on Facebook. Apparently, someone had gone on the Today’s Show and said what I have said above, Monday flowers will be old and Wednesday flowers will be the freshest…it turns out in different parts of the country, they do get fresh flowers on Monday…typically they are coming from a local grower in this instance. Just wanted to share that insight with you.

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