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Ornamental Gourds

There are so many wonderful touches that can be added to a fall flower arrangement.  This time of year brings an abundance of natural touches, from acorns to gorgeous fall foliage to using ornamental gourds as accents or in some cases as the vase itself.   In fact, there are a number of videos for sale right here that give you all the details you need to create lovely arrangements with ornamental gourds and pumpkins.

Using ornamental gourds to accent your arrangements gives you the chance to not only add in some great fall colors, but also some textures as well.  There are so many places you can pick up ornamental gourds, from your grocery store to your local greenhouse and you can even grown them yourself.  Ornamental gourds are generally 3 to 5 inches around and not over a foot in length.  They come in a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes as you can see by the picture to the left.

Some of the most readily available gourds include:

Apple – This is a white gourd, round and about the size of an apple

Crown of Thorns – This gourd is either cream colored or green stripped.  It is oblong in shape and has a ring of thorns around the blossom end.  It is also known as the Finger Gourd or Ten Commandments.

Nest Egg or just Egg – This gourd is approximately the size of a hen’s egg and was traditionally used to replace eggs in the nest to trick hens.

Flat – This green striped gourd is button shaped and usually about 3 inches in diameter.

Orange – Like the Apple Gourd above, this one also minics the size and shape of an orange.

Pear – This gourd is available in white or green striped versions and is also named for the fruit that it resembles.

Spoon – This gourd is one of the larger variety of ornamental gourds.  Shaped like a dipper, it is a vivid yellow and green in color.  Because of the shape, it can be used as a doll’s head or split in half and hollowed out to resemble spoons.

Warty – This particular gourd is most often orange in color and of course, named for it’s texture.

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