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Picking The Right Flower…

…could be as simple as your own back yard. Finding just the right flowers for your arrangements are not just limited to Wholesale Markets, Greenhouses or Florists. Depending on the time of year, your own backyard could be the perfect choice for creating beautiful flower arrangements. I have a fabulous garden that I often use for my flower choices. So if you are thinking about creating an arrangement for yourself or for somebody else and don’t need the services of the places I talked about last time, consider these other options:

Private Gardens – There is nothing more precious than presenting somebody a gift of flowers that you grew yourself. If you are going to use a private garden for creating flower arrangements, you should do your homework and make sure that the flowers available are going to be the right flowers for what you are creating. Not to mention that private gardens are not usually shielded from the elements. One harsh rainstorm or cold snap could put a crimp in your plans.

Flower Markets and Stalls – Like greenhouses, they sell to the retail market and you won’t need to purchase in large quantities. Flower markets and stalls are one of the more cost effective options for purchasing flowers, but they are limited in the type of flower offered. They usually specialize in more common types of flowers and your choice of colors will be restricted to the stock on hand.

And if you live in an area that does not have a flower market, you might want to check out the local farmer’s markets. Especially in the spring and summer when well planted gardens are overflowing with blossoms.

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