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Pink and White Mink Protea

There are many different varieties of proteas and I found several varieties I had never seen before when I visited the growing farms here in Maui.The pink mink protea, which is fairly common and just lovely. The tips of the mink proteas are somewhat feathery and colored differently than the rest of the flower. The pink mink has a black feathery tip that creates a wonderful color contrast.

I also discovered a white mink protea which I had never seen before. The pink mink has a black feathery tip and the white mink proteas have a white feathery tip. The white mink proteas would be gorgeous in a winter tropical floral arrangement!

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    could you give me some information to the availabilty and cost of these and do you sale and how many varietys….thanks

  • Angie says:

    Hi Richard,

    NO, I don’t sell these…I have been able to buy the pink mink proteas from the flower market, but I’ve only seen the white mink in Hawaii (Maui) to be specific. Try a google search for proteas in Hawaii and see if you can find them that way.

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