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Prolong Vase Life With This Simple Fix

Would you believe that you can prolong the life of your flower arrangements by using an every day household item? That’s right you can. These days every flower delivery comes with that special packet of flower food, but suppose you are doing your own arrangements? You’ve purchased your flowers, you’ve conditioned them, the vases are all lined up and ready to be filled and you realize that you didn’t think to pick up flower food.

Let every day household bleach come to your rescue. That’s right, just a little bit of bleach in each vase, anywhere from 3 drops to a 1/4 of a teaspoon depending on the size of the vase and you’re good to go. Your flowers will stay fresh longer than they would in just regular water. This is because bleach minimizes or kills the bacteria in the water.

Bacteria is the number one reason that flowers fade too quickly. Even if your vase is squeaky clean, the bacteria that may be in your tap water can cause stems to rot and flowers to fade much more quickly.

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