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Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

Here is a fun shamrock creation….the one in the picture is 36″ wide, but you don’t have to make yours this big.  Take 3 heart shape Styrofoam and put the points together.  I glued them to a foam board for extra support.  Depending up the size you are making, you can most likely get away with a piece of cardstock or cardboard.


I used white carnations.  I had to put a wooden pick into the back of each carnation and then poke that into the shamrock shaped Styrofoam.  Keep the carnations pretty close together, because there is no water source for the flowers and they will start to wilt a little each day.  By keeping them close together, the wilting will be less noticeable.  Once all the carnations are covering the front of the shamrock shaped Styrofoam, use Holiday Green Design Master Spray Paint to make the white carnations green.  Spray lightly and reapply if you need more color.  The paint can be purchased at your local craft store, locally, I know Michael’s carries it.


I used a Kelly Green Ribbon around the edges, but you could use carnations if you have enough or plan for it.  I used about 215 carnations for this size.  When you are figuring out how many you need, I visually take my hand and hold my fingers to illustrate a 1-1/2 inch diameter and then count how many I need by moving my hand all over the foam shape.  Since each section is a heart, you really only have to do one section and then multiply that by 3 times.  For the stem, I bought a round Styrofoam wreath form and cut a section out and glued that to the foam board as well.


While this is not hard to do, it is time consuming.  I spend over 5 hours making this particular shamrock.

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