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She loves me, she loves me not

Remember this fun little children’s game played with the pedals of daisies? Whether it’s the carefully pulled bouquet out of your garden presented to you by your child, roots and dirt still attached, to your first corsage to your bridal bouquet, flowers and love are completely intertwined. With Valentine’s day a week away, everybody’s thoughts turn to flowers and what to get or create for that special person in your life.

The last couple of blogs have talked about the two floral mainstays of Valentine’s Day, Roses and Carnations and their meanings. If you are looking for something a little more unique to create with, I’d like to share with you some other fabulous flowers you could use and what their meanings are.

The dainty daisy represents gentleness, innocence and loyal love.





Red Chrysanthemum means I love you. In fact, the red shade of most flowers designates love so don’t worry if you can’t get those brilliant red roses you had your heart sent on sending.





Orchids represent magnificence, love and beauty. I love working with orchids. Our site has a large number of videos on creating arrangements with orchids.






Have a crush on somebody? Consider sending them Gardenias which represent a secret love.

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