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Sometimes You Just Need a Break!

There are times when I’m asked to create a special floral design…someone will say, “I want something different, something my mom, sister, husband, wife, child has never seen before” or “I want something that people will remember, something that will impress my guests”. When I receive these kinds of requests I either know immediately what I want to make or I’m a little stumped and need to go in search of some creativity. When I need to search for creatively I find the internet to be a great source of ideas. And, sometimes, I just need to give my head free or mindless space to allow room for creative ideas to come in…when I’m in THAT space of needing to free up space in my head, I often find that playing games at FoxyBingo is just what I need.

I love Bingo because there is very little thinking involved…you look for the number that is called on your score card, hope to get numbers that line up either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and WIN a pot of money.

There are other times when I want to exercise my mind and then I want to play poker…which may be my ultimate favorite game. This game requires thinking, strategy and the famous poker face (not letting on to the other players what you have in your hand, which is really hard to do for someone like me because generally, what is on my mind you can read on my face!) In an online video poker game, the other players can’t see your face, but the way you play tells the other players a lot about you as well. You have to mix up the way you bet and how much you bet so the other players don’t see a pattern and thus read your hand.

And, hey, if games aren’t your thing, you can go for a walk, watch a movie, go to the library and look through books and magazines for photos to give you inspiration. I often come up with great ideas when I walk among nature.

Tell me what you do for inspiration when your mind just goes blank.

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