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Spotlight Your Beautiful Arrangements

As many of you who have watched my videos know, from time to time I add something a little extra to the arrangements to really make them special. Using small lights sometimes known as Floralytes either with plain water or with water beads can create just an incredible one of a kind effect for any arrangement. Looking to add a flickering glow for a romantic dinner, a vivid light to show off a centerpiece or to have some fun with little flashing lights under your arrangements, these little lights will do the trick.

This type of lighting is submersible,so it is sealed and water tight. They add a wonderful dimension to arrangements. These lights are available in a variety of different colors and configurations. You can get some that have a candle light flicker, some that have a steady glow of light and even others that will flash off and on.

These lights operate using a very small battery so you need to plan carefully when you are putting your arrangements together because they will need to be turned on and inserted first before you add your water or water beads. Most of them only have a short battery life, although you can find some that go for nearly 48 hours.

So if you are interested in putting a little added spotlight on your arrangements, consider using these great little lights. We offer them in our products section through one of our vendor affiliations.

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