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Spring Flowers – Anemone

Also known as the Wind Poppy, Windflower and Lily of the field, Anemones are actually related to the buttercup family. This dainty blooms measure between 2-3 inches in diameter and are available as single, semi double and double blooms. One of the few truly blue flowers, the Anemone is also available in several red and violet shades as well as white. The center of the blooms are usually black, but some of the white varieties have a lighter center, white, cream, light green or yellow. Their stems are leafless but there is a lacy collar of foliage right under the bloom itself.

Anemones are on the fragile since and do require some additional steps when preparing them for use in an arrangement. When purchasing them, make sure to get Anemones that are just starting to bloom with sturdy stems. Make sure to wear gloves when working with Anemones as they secrete an oil that may cause some skin irritation. Because they wilt easily, you will need to dip them in a hydration solution once you’ve recut the ends and then place them in water that has already been treated with flower food. It’s best to let them rest in that water in a cool place for about two hours before arranging them.

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