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Summer Blooms-The Zinna

A member of the Aster flower family, the Zinna originates in Mexico and the Southwestern United States.  This brilliantly colored flower comes in a great variety of shapes, sizes and even multiple color options that make it perfect for almost any arrangement you could possibly think of.  Bloom varieties include single, double, cactus, dahlia style, ruffles and pom poms.

Zinnias are also available in a profusion of colors, multi-colors, and hues. Colors include, white, yellow, orange, red, rose, pink and multi-colored blooms.  Zinnas range in size from the miniature which grown to about a foot to giant varieties that can grow to over three feet tall.  The Zinnia plant’s leaves are lance-shaped and sandpapery to the touch.

The Giant Zinna has a long stalk that makes it a great choice for vase arranging as well as making it easier to trim for use in other arrangement styles.  The Miniature Zinna is the perfect choice for a small container or even a bud vase.  Adding a little greenery will bring out the gorgeous colors of the Zinna in any arrangement.   They hold up well in hot weather so they are a perfect flower choice when creating arrangements for outdoor events.  And with so many colors, shapes and even patterns available, you can create an almost endless variety of arrangements using just Zinnas.

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