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Table Garlands

As we will shortly be into the holiday season, I wanted to share with you a really lovely idea for decorating your table that can fit in with any theme or season. Using garland as a centerpiece is a really creative way to add something special to your holiday dinner. I used an artificial garland in the example above. When you buy your garland, don’t buy the cheap, sparse type, it really looks bad. Like with using real flowers, always get the best you can afford, it makes a huge difference in your arrangement appearance. Your local craft stores have all sorts of garlands available, whether you are looking for just a seasonal one or one specific to a holiday, they are the place to shop. And you can always combine two of them together to create a really unique piece.

The centerpiece above has a fairy theme. I used a 9 foot piece of garland and folded it in half and intertwined the branches so it looks like one big piece of garland. Then I added bows, which I have been using for the past several years (I store them away and take them out every year…you’ll have to fluff the bows when you take them out of storage and be sure you use WIRED ribbon or don’t plan on reusing your bows.) To continue with my fairy theme, I added fairies into the garland as well.

The bows have four different types of ribbon included in them…. a 2 1/2 inch green wired ribbon, a 1 1/2 inch purple wired ribbon, a 1 1/2 inch burgundy wired ribbon and a gold cording. I chose these colors because they work with my fairies and I like to be just a little untraditional in my personal decor.

Notice that there is still plenty of room to set the table without having to remove the garland from the center of the table. When I set the table, I use gold chargers and I tie each napkin with a matching gold ribbon. My set table is so pretty you don’t want to sit down and eat at it, but you can and we do!

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