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black orchids

Are there really BLACK flowers?

Okay, so are there really black flowers?  Well, not really…the terminology “black flowers” is used loosely to refer to the darkest blooms and artificially dyed flowers. If you look closely at flowers called black, you’ll usually see that “black flowers” are such a deep purple/burgundy that they just appear black. Chocolate cosmos, which are really a dark chocolate brown, are sometimes called black flowers.  The thing is, depending upon how and when you use these flowers, they can look black.
Here are a few pictures of “black” flowers:     black lilyblack.burgundy.dahlia calla lilyblack tulipschocolate cosmos flower 

 Dark purple carnations, Black Lilies, Dark Burgundy Dahlia,Chocolate Cosmos, Dark burgundy mini calla, and dark purple tulips.  These flowers are the closest to black that I am aware of.  However, I noticed at they have some additional black flowers, see below:


Black Vanda Orchid Burgundy-black dendrobium orchidBlack and White Hydrangea-tintedblack rose - tinted


The first flower is a black vanda orchid and the second flower is a burgundy dendrobium orchid…neither of which I have ever seen or even heard of before writing this article….the hydrangea has been tinted and they call it oreo and the rose has been tinted black as well.


There are a few more varieties of black flowers and foliages…I have had black hollyhocks and black iris in a previous backyard.  I have used black ti leaves and agonis greenery, which is a very dark burgundy color.

Chocolate Cosmos Bouquet here.
chocolate cosmos bouquet
Chocolate Cosmos and Agonis in this bouquet
bridal bouquet with choc cosmos and agonis
Dark purple Carnations in this bouquet
dark purple/black carnations in bouquet

So, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, most of the flowers really aren’t black, but combined with the right lighting and other colors, they most definitely look black. 

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