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dendrobium orchid plant

Orchid Plants

Hi There,

About a month ago, I showed you how to dress up store bought orchid plants.  In the video I mentioned that the orchid plants last a long time…specifically, I said you can count on at least 4 weeks of bloom time.  I wanted to report to you that the two orchid plants I used are still in bloom a month later.  The purple dendrobium orchid plant is entirely in bloom and a few blossoms are starting to fall off.  The yellow oncidium orchid plant is also still in bloom, but one entire stem has died now, meaning the flowers have dropped off the stem.  There is still one stem in full bloom.  I like to give these plants as gifts because they last so long!  Plus, most people view orchids are “prestigous” flowers.  If you are willing to baby these plants, they WILL bloom again.  But, typically, these types of plants only bloom once a year.  So, if that is your desire, to get them to bloom again, I would invest in an orchid food and follow the instructions that come with the orchid food.  Usually, it is suggested that you feed them once a month.  But, check the label of the food you buy, because it could be different.

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