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dinner party decorations

Dressing Up a Party

Hi There,

So you decided to throw a party?  There are a few things you can do that will heighten the enjoyment of your guests at your party.  I find it helps to come up with a theme.   A theme can be a color scheme, a menu (like Mexican, Thai, Asian inspired) or travel inspired (think European vacation), celebration inspired (New Year’s Eve, Birthday, Anniversary), focused on an event (Academy Awards, movie premiere) or any other ideas you might come up with…there really are unlimited sources of ideas for your party.

A great dining experience isn’t only about the food…the environment can really heighten the enjoyment of what is on a plate.

Make sure to have your table set ahead of time.  I’ve heard it said that people eat with their eyes first.  So make it a beautiful table.  I’m a florist, so of course I think every table should have a centerpiece.  However, the centerpieces doesn’t have to be fresh flowers.  Candles, fruits, vegetables, greenery, beautiful containers, pumpkins, gourds, shells….you get the point, all can be used to decorate a table.

When possible, the table settings should match the style of the food.  Fine porcelain and heavy ceramics create very different expectations in your guests.

Ambiance is not only what you can see, but what you can smell and hear as well.  Good music that reflects the theme of the party will help set the mood.

Make sure there are plenty of beverages for all your guests tastes.  Again, there should be beverages that go with the food being served.  So if you are doing a Mexican theme, serve Mojitos and Margaritas, not mint juleps.

It is also a great idea to serve food that can be prepared ahead of time so that you can enjoy your guests.  There is nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen cooking and serving food while everyone else is having a good time.  Serve the food on nice platters at different heights.  You can accomplish this by using boxes and bowls turned upside down underneath a table cloth…that is how they do it at hotels and restaurants!  Garnish the platters with herbs and themed decorations as well.

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