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Simple Banquet Centerpiece with Flowers & DAISIES for eHow

Hi There,

Here is another video I made for eHow…I love this little centerpiece, I think it is so cute and fun. Perfect for a casual themed event. Daisies are a simple flower versus an elegant flower. The Billy Balls (Craspedia) bring out the yellow centers of the daisies and it is all tied together with the yellow container.


Wedding Garland – Garland for Any Occasion

Hi There,

Here is another of my favorite videos that I made for eHow…apparently brides were searching for How to Make Wedding Garlands, but garlands can be used for a lot of occasions and it is made the same way no matter what occasion it is being used for. The variables are types of greenery, flowers, berries and other accents. I just walked my neighborhood and picked up a variety of materials to use for this example.

Lime Wedding Centerpiece – Video Made for eHow

This is another of my favorite videos that I made for eHow…apparently, a lot of brides are searching for DIY Bride’s Lime Wedding Centerpieces. I used key limes and green snowball vibernum for this centerpiece.


Handmade Bridal Corsages

Here is another video I did for eHow…apparently brides are searching for Handmade Bridal Corsages. Is there any other way to have a corsage? Aren’t they all handmade?


How to Create a Gardenia Bouquet

Another flower arranging video I did for eHow pertains to brides searching for How to Create a Gardenia Bouquet. I show you a couple ways to accomplish this based on the types of gardenias that are available in your areas.


How to Create a Stargazer Lily Bouquet

I made this video for eHow because apparently a lot of brides were searching for how to do this. Stargazers are one of my favorite flowers. These videos are supposed to be about 5 minutes long, so I was limited as to how much I could show and say. This is one way to make a stargazer lily bouquet…there are other ways where you would leave the stems long and not cut the flowers off the stem.


What Color Bouquet to use with Pink Dresses

I found this to be an interesting question, apparently asked by a lot of brides searching the eHow network of video instruction. There are lot’s of shades of pink, from pale pink to dark pink. Almost any color will go with pink, but it really boils down to personal preference…what do YOU like?

I show you several different colors of flowers that can go with several different shades of pink.

Maybe this will help you select a shade of pink and the coordinating flowers. Enjoy!

eHow Video – How to keep Tall Vases from Tipping Over

Here is another FREE video, requested by eHow, titled, “How to keep tall vases from tipping over.”


Lavender and White Wedding Floral Arrangement for eHow

Hi There,
I was recently asked to make some videos for eHow, 10 of them! Here is the first. Apparently, eHow creates a list of wanted videos based on the searches that people do on their site. So lavender and white wedding centerpieces is a highly searched topic.

Here is a link to this video:


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