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floral arranging tips

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, I fall prey to the hearts, flowers and chocolate theme of the day.

It’s not too late to sign up for my Free Tutorial on How to Arrange a Dozen Roses in a Vase. Your sweetie will be so surprised to hear you arranged the flowers and not a florist…plus, you will save a ton of money. The cost of roses, especially RED roses, goes way up during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. You will pay a lot of money for red roses from most florists.

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Orchid Arrangement for Valentine's Day

Orchid Arrangement for Valentine’s Day

Have a great day!

Is it Spring yet?

 Pink Tulip

If you are like me, you just can’t wait for spring to come with all the bursts of color that it brings. So the next best thing to Spring is to brighten up your house with flowers! And one flower in particular always seems to signify Spring to everybody and that is the Tulip. While they are most abundant in Spring, white, pink and red tulips are pretty much available all year long now. If there is another color you want, just check with your wholesaler or florist. There’s a pretty good chance they can get it for you. They may be coming in from other countries, but there is a steady supply of them all year long.

Believe it or not, tulips are part of the lily family. Close relatives include lilies, lily of the valley, Gloriosa lilies, hyacinths, grape hyacynths and star of Bethlehem. Tulips are classified into 15 divisions, but the most popular as cut flowers are single, double (peony flowered), parrot (ruffled and multicolored), lily flowered (pointed petals) and fringed (serrated petal edges).

Tulips are an interesting flower in that, they continue to grow even after they’ve been cut from the plant. Tulips bend and reach for light as they continue to grow. It is not uncommon for a tulip to grow up to an inch a day! And if you are looking to add a splash of spring to your table or hutch, tulips make great centerpieces. Here at Flower Arranging 101 I have several wonderful videos using Tulips.

White Tulips

Flower Arranging-Floral Design-Flower Sculptures-Flower Arranging Classes

I just returned from Las Vegas where I conducted my first Extreme Floral Design Workshop. It was a BLAST and everyone left feeling like they had elevated their skills tremendously. I taught how to make Floral Chandeliers, Floral Wall Art, Floating Floral Designs and Floral Sculptures. The sculpture that we did was a Scottie dog made with three different types of chrysanthemums.

These are very time consuming to make…when I have done them alone they have taken 5-6 hours to make. Because of the class size and time allowed I had teams of 4 work on each Scottie Dog Floral Sculpture. Each team was given 1 1/2 hours to complete their floral sculpture. I gave each team a head start by providing the form already shaped for them. This can take an incredible amount of time to form and shape the design.

Here are some of the student Scottie dog floral sculptures…each one was different.

One of the student floral sculpture designs.

One of the student floral sculpture designs.

Another student Floral Sculpture- Scottie Dog

Another student Floral Sculpture- Scottie Dog

Another Floral Sculpture Scottie Dog done by the students

Another Floral Sculpture Scottie Dog done by the students

Another Student Floral Sculpture - Scottie Dog

Another Student Floral Sculpture – Scottie Dog

Student floral sculpture-Scottie Dog

Student floral sculpture-Scottie Dog

These are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to display. People generally go crazy when they see one of these floral sculptures and this particular one was life sized!

I also made one in my hotel room on Monday, January 20, 2014 in hopes of delivering it to Ellen DeGeneres. I drove to Burbank from Las Vegas with my mom to try and get stand by tickets for her show on Monday only to find out they didn’t have ANY stand by tickets for Monday because it was a holiday. I found out where to deliver the dog, Receiving at Lot 10. Here is a photo of me leaving the pooch with Edgar at Receiving who promised me it would get to Ellen by 3:30 PM that day. Haven’t heard anything though, so I don’t know whether she actually received it or not….too bad, because these sell for $600-700.00 each.

Angie Zimmerman delivering a Scottie Dog for Ellen  DeGeneres 1/20/14.

Angie Zimmerman delivering a Scottie Dog to Ellen DeGeneres 1/20/14.

Using Mini Calla Lilies to trim a bowl

MiniCallaBowl-CaboWhile in Cabo San Lucas in Dec 2012 I visited the Mini Calla Lily farm, Golden State Bulb Growers De Baja. I took one of the bunches of mini callas and created a video for you, using the mini callas to trim a decorative bowl that we had in our hotel room. I hope you enjoy this FREE video.

Winter Wreaths

Wreaths have become a very popular decoration and are no longer just seen at Christmas time. If you are looking to keep a wreath up for the winter months, there are a number of different things that you can incorporate into your wreath to take it from a Christmasy feel to a lovely way to brighten up dreary winter days.

There are a wide variety of add ons that can bring texture and color to your wreath. Pine cones are among the most popular, but also consider adding acorns or lotus seed pods. Pecans make an interesting addition as well. Berries and fruit always made for a great addition to a wreath. Holly berries and a great splash of color, but you might also want to consider adding was myrtle berries, Nandina berries or even sweet gum balls.

Some other interesting things to add to a winter wreath include mistletoe, hydrangea blooms, rose hips, pyracantha, and even magnolia pods. Preserved ivy, eucalyptus or boxwood leaves can also dress up a plain evergreen winter wreath.

Safety Tips for Decorating With Live Greenery

Nothing smells better than fresh evergreens at Christmas time. The heady scents of pine is one of the most recognized scent of the season. But unlike decorating with fresh flowers, there are some precautions that you should always keep in mind when decorating with live evergreens.

First and foremost, keep an eye on the moisture level of your evergreens. The best way to check this is to bend the needles. If they are flexible and do not break when you bend them, then your evergreen foliage still has a good moisture level. Evergreens can dry quickly. Brown or shedding needles is one of the first signs that your greenery needs to be changed out or removed all together to prevent a fire hazard. So other tips to keep in mind are to not put fresh greenery need space heaters or heater vents. You should also avoid placing them in sunny windows.

This also is true for greenery that you might use outdoors. Fresh wreaths can be susceptible to over drying and a possible fire hazard if they are on a glass door in direct sunlight for most of the day.

Flower Arranging Tip – Cleaning Vases and Buckets

Hi There,

I’m often asked if there is something special that needs to be done to clean vases and buckets used for floral arrangements.  And, the answer is YES.  I like to use Clorox Clean Up for all my vases and buckets.  I also use a toilet brush (only used for my buckets) and a dish washing brush (only used for my vases) to clean my vases.

You can also make a solution yourself of a watered down bleach.  Just use bleach with a little water added to it.  Rinse out the buckets and vases really well and let them dry naturally or dry them out with a towel or paper towel.

Think Outside of the Box

Hi There,

So, when you are thinking about flower arranging, there is absolutely no good reason not to think about unusual containers for holding flowers.  I mean things like shoes, boxes, jewelry boxes, jars, drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes including margarita glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses and specialty shaped glasses.  Just remember if choosing a container like a shoe, you’ll have to use a liner or something else to hold the floral foam and water….you wouldn’t put floral foam or water right into a shoe….did I need to say that???

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