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I just returned from Las Vegas where I conducted my first Extreme Floral Design Workshop. It was a BLAST and everyone left feeling like they had elevated their skills tremendously. I taught how to make Floral Chandeliers, Floral Wall Art, Floating Floral Designs and Floral Sculptures. The sculpture that we did was a Scottie dog made with three different types of chrysanthemums.

These are very time consuming to make…when I have done them alone they have taken 5-6 hours to make. Because of the class size and time allowed I had teams of 4 work on each Scottie Dog Floral Sculpture. Each team was given 1 1/2 hours to complete their floral sculpture. I gave each team a head start by providing the form already shaped for them. This can take an incredible amount of time to form and shape the design.

Here are some of the student Scottie dog floral sculptures…each one was different.

One of the student floral sculpture designs.

One of the student floral sculpture designs.

Another student Floral Sculpture- Scottie Dog

Another student Floral Sculpture- Scottie Dog

Another Floral Sculpture Scottie Dog done by the students

Another Floral Sculpture Scottie Dog done by the students

Another Student Floral Sculpture - Scottie Dog

Another Student Floral Sculpture – Scottie Dog

Student floral sculpture-Scottie Dog

Student floral sculpture-Scottie Dog

These are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to display. People generally go crazy when they see one of these floral sculptures and this particular one was life sized!

I also made one in my hotel room on Monday, January 20, 2014 in hopes of delivering it to Ellen DeGeneres. I drove to Burbank from Las Vegas with my mom to try and get stand by tickets for her show on Monday only to find out they didn’t have ANY stand by tickets for Monday because it was a holiday. I found out where to deliver the dog, Receiving at Lot 10. Here is a photo of me leaving the pooch with Edgar at Receiving who promised me it would get to Ellen by 3:30 PM that day. Haven’t heard anything though, so I don’t know whether she actually received it or not….too bad, because these sell for $600-700.00 each.

Angie Zimmerman delivering a Scottie Dog for Ellen  DeGeneres 1/20/14.

Angie Zimmerman delivering a Scottie Dog to Ellen DeGeneres 1/20/14.

We’re Back In Business

Hi There, over the past several weeks I’ve been experiencing major website problems and if you tried to join our community you were not able to do so…that is all fixed now. So feel free to join … the easiest way is to go to the REGISTRATION TAB and then follow the instructions within that tab. I believe we have 130 full length videos available for your viewing pleasure. More being edited as I write. This is a great way to learn flower arranging…you jut watch me, go out and buy what you need and then follow along with me again on video. Let me know if there is anything else you need or a specific design style you want to learn…I’m happy to make new videos for you.

Orchid Plants

Hi There,

About a month ago, I showed you how to dress up store bought orchid plants.  In the video I mentioned that the orchid plants last a long time…specifically, I said you can count on at least 4 weeks of bloom time.  I wanted to report to you that the two orchid plants I used are still in bloom a month later.  The purple dendrobium orchid plant is entirely in bloom and a few blossoms are starting to fall off.  The yellow oncidium orchid plant is also still in bloom, but one entire stem has died now, meaning the flowers have dropped off the stem.  There is still one stem in full bloom.  I like to give these plants as gifts because they last so long!  Plus, most people view orchids are “prestigous” flowers.  If you are willing to baby these plants, they WILL bloom again.  But, typically, these types of plants only bloom once a year.  So, if that is your desire, to get them to bloom again, I would invest in an orchid food and follow the instructions that come with the orchid food.  Usually, it is suggested that you feed them once a month.  But, check the label of the food you buy, because it could be different.

Think Outside of the Box

Hi There,

So, when you are thinking about flower arranging, there is absolutely no good reason not to think about unusual containers for holding flowers.  I mean things like shoes, boxes, jewelry boxes, jars, drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes including margarita glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses and specialty shaped glasses.  Just remember if choosing a container like a shoe, you’ll have to use a liner or something else to hold the floral foam and water….you wouldn’t put floral foam or water right into a shoe….did I need to say that???

Floral Ring – Flower Wreath

Hi There,

This week I made a flower wreath using a floral foam ring.  I showed you in the video that you can use a hurricane shade and candle in the center of the wreath or a cylinder vase  with a candle in the center.  I put the wreath in my family room and I still have the orchid plants that I showed you how to do a few weeks ago.  So I put one of the plants in the center of the wreath and voila…here is a picture….I really like the way this looks!  So, experiment, I’ll bet you can come up with other things that would look great in the center of a floral wreath!

Fresh Floral Wreath/Ring with Oncidium Orchid Plant in Center

Tasteful Cemetery Flowers

Hi There,

Last week I did some cemetery flower arrangements for you and I used floral foam in the plastic containers.  I meant to tell you that you DO NOT HAVE TO USE FLORAL FOAM in those containers.  I like to use it because it keeps the flowers where I want them to be.  But, those plastic containers hold quite a bit of water, and the style that I used is generous in size so you could easily place a store bought bouquet of flowers right into one of those containers.  Flower will last longer in a vase of water than they will in floral foam too!  I’d also suggest using flowers that are longer lasting like carnations, mums, alstromeria, orchids vs. roses, delphinium, dahlia, tulips, gardenias and  hydrangea which would not hold up that well in an outside, uncontroled temperature.

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