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flower arranging

Flower Arranging Tips-Start With GREENERY

Hi There,

I taught a flower arranging class a week ago to a local Gardening Club. The one thing that all the ladies kept repeating to me and the biggest take away was this tip…..always start your flower arrangement with your greenery. The greenery acts as an armature and holds the flower stems in place when you are ready to add your flowers. If you are working with floral foam you would still start with your greenery, because the goal is to HIDE all of your mechanics….mechanics are things like floral foam and tape. Both are integral to the durability of the centerpiece, but you don’t want to see either. The exception to this rule is if you are using some of the new Colored Floral Foam. It is made in red, lime green, harvest orange,grey, cream/ivory and black. And, the purpose of using the colored foam is to let it show!

Sex and the City 2

Hi There,  Have any of you seen Sex and the City 2?  I just saw it today…..did you notice all the flowers at the hotel?  OMG, I was in heaven looking at all those flowers.  Several of the florals I saw were similar to some of the florals I’ve shared with you.  My Oprah Winfrey Network audition uses the white phaelenopsis orchids like one of the centerpieces in the hotel suite of the girls….I saw several fresh flower pomanders…most were made out of red roses….so far I’ve shown you only how to make one with green carnations, but the mechanics are the same…I’d say the only differences are the cost of the flowers roses vs. carnations and the flower head count…I think you may need a few more roses than carnations….depends upon the variety, but if you are using a rose head that is the same size as the carnation head then the count would be the same.

Have you seen my Oprah Winfrey Network audition?  If not, here is the link and PLEASE vote for me!

The contest is open for voting until July 3, 2010.  While I have over 1,300 votes, the leaders have anywhere from 500,000 to over 1,000,000 votes!

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